About us

About us

XServer - we have been successfully building the Internet since 2007!


Initially the sale of the own assembly's servers was our main activity. Back then, no one from the competitors offered the entry-level affordable serves. Among others, hosting-companies were our clients, which purchased servers of our own assembly on lease.

Afterwards we have decided to join in the development of hosting in Ukraine, and have started to offer lease to purchase servers. And this has became our zest. It was quite expensive to rent a server by that time, but after 12 months a client has to pay only for the collocation of a server in a data center or a client could remove or sell a server at all.

When the World Crisis hit us in 2009, we have to invent something new and cheap and that's why we offered virtual servers for rent. No one could imagine then, what cloud servers were... Nonetheless, this direction gave hope for development to us and our clients, who didn't have means to rent a whole physical server.

Briefly about the main events:

2011 — a new site, a new data center, selling of server's cases of own assembly.
2012 — a purchase of «My hosting» company.
2013 — the start of the cooperation with the Hewlett Packard, expansion of the server park several times.
2014 — a new site and an personal cabinet.
2015 — a launch of virtual servers in a new location (Bulgaria).
2016 — a new cloud virtual server's platform.
2017 — our first aniversary.
2018 — renovation of a virtualization cluster.
2019 — completely new personal cabinet.
2020 — an implementation of a large number of a new functionality in personal cabinet, a new site xserver.cloud.
2021 — launch of the new powerful virtual servers cluster based on the latest HPE and VMware technologies.
2022 — new location in the USA and renovation of the existing one in Bulgaria.
2023 — new location in the Netherlands, dedicated servers offers outside of Ukraine.

We can tell our story for quite a long time, which we remember with special trepidation, but the most important thing is what we are now.

XServer today

Today we can offer placement of your Internet projects in Ukraine, Europe and the USA. These are modern virtual and dedicated servers of any configuration, as well as the ability to create your own infrastructure according to the customer's specifications and deploy it on the basis of our technical sites.

In the light of the global trends, we have been placing a great emphasis on the development of virtual servers service. We believe that this technology will become essential in the hosting market in the coming years. Therefore, we strive to make available all the advanced developments in this area to our customers.

We strongly believe that quality services are impossible without convenient and modern management and control facilities. Therefore we are developing our own software solution, which gives our clients complete freedom of actions over their servers: a complete automatic installation and setup of the operating system and required server's software, a server power and network management, a channel load monitoring, getting an emergency access to a server, etc. We are constantly improving and expanding functionality alongside with the technological progress.

Our values

XServer is a team of perfectionists. Everything that depends on us, we always perform qualitatively and responsibly. We provide a professional assistance to our customers regarding any issue 24/7/365. We never stop developing and continuosly improve internal business processes in order to provide services at the highest quality level. Trust us and we will not let you down!

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