XServer - who we are?

  • Servers sale

    Our company sells both its own server assembly, and on the basis of Hewlett Packard platform. The offered servers always differed not only by high reliability, but the price significantly lower than our competitors. Among the range of proposed configurations, you can find a cheap budget options, and professional high-end servers. We went on the servers market 2007 year and still continuing successfully hold the position of most available servers in Ukraine.

  • Dedicated servers

    In addition to server sales, we also offer them for rent with colocation in the datacenter. In 2008 we offered an innovative service - server leasing, where the server becomes the customer's property at the end of the lease term (usually 12 months), and then it's needed to pay only for the server colocation in DC. When competition was increased, we started offering server rent without redemption for lower prices, and in 2010 we have been offered another service, the demand for which has exceeded all expectations, it is - Hot servers. These servers already installed in a rack, set up, fully operational, and credentials sent to the contact e-mail automatically. For all servers there are included remote power control, IP-KVM and basic administration. All this you can learn more in the Dedicated section of our website.

  • Virtual servers (VPS)

    This service is very popular, as it has a certain flexibility. VPS - a full-featured server for the cost of virtual hosting. VPS price range from $7 to $70 per month. We have begun to provide this services in July 2009, and in early 2016, we presented the newest platform for virtual servers, which has many advantages. More details about them can be read in presentation. Prices and conditions you can find here.

  • Other services

    Other "serveral" services we may also offer you the colocation of your own server in our rack. This service includes the installation of a server in one of the best European quality data centers, remote power control, permanent IP-KVM connection and supply to the power networks of the 1st category and unlimited internet at speeds 100Mbps. In addition, we also offer the sale of the server software, in particular the control panel from ISPsystem (ISPmanager Lite/Pro) and JBMC Software (Directadmin). Here, as in all our services, we can offer very competitive prices.

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