Dedicated server

«Hot» servers
  • XServer X4F
  • $109/mo.
  • CPU: 2x Xeon E5-2620 6x2.00GHz
  • SSD: 2x 480Gb, 500Gb

More «hot» propositions

«Hot» servers
  • $75/mo.
  • Xeon E3-1230 v3 4x3.30GHz / 32Gb ECC / 2x 480Gb SSD

  • $95/mo.
  • Xeon E3-1230 v5 4x3.40GHz / 16Gb ECC / 2x 500Gb

  • $109/mo.
  • 2x Xeon E5-2620 6x2.00GHz / 64Gb ECC RDIMM / 2x 480Gb, 500Gb SSD

  • Why hot?
  • All of these servers ready to work for you just this second! If you need dedicated server «for yesterday», this offer is exactly for you.
  • Convenient
  • You don't need to contact support to start to use your server! You will automatically receive credentials immidiately after payment.
  • Fast
  • You have no time to wait for assemble, configure, and install the server? All of these server already installed into a rack and configured. All servers come this OS Debian installed.
  • Profitable
  • Hot server is like «lastminute tour» have a reduced price. Similar customized configuration will cost more. Hurry to save!
The terms of "dedicated servers" service

These prices include the cost of renting a server and its colocation in our own technical area in ITL DC (Kharkiv).

There is installed OS Debian GNU/Linux on all server by default. If you need another OS - simply reinstall it in a couple of clicks in personal cabinet.

  • 100Mbps port connection with automated upgrade to 1Gbps;
  • Completely unlimited bandwidth;
  • Remote reboot directly from Personal Cabinet;
  • Free IP-KVM permanently connected to all of our servers, access it one-click in personal cabinet;
  • 1 free IP-address, additional addresses costs $1 per month for 1 IP-address;
Do you know where your servers installed?

We locate all servers on our own technical area in the ITL Datacenter (Kharkov, Ukraine).

Basic facts
  • Capacity: 1000U (2 separate tight areas).
  • Electrical supply: 2x 150kWt.
  • Data links: 2 independent connections 10Gbps each, network peered with UA-IX and KH-IX.
  • Fault tolerance: UPS with double conversion connected according to the scheme N+1; diesel power generator 150kW.
  • Cooling: Channel air conditioning with N+1 redundancy.
  • Security: access control, security and fire alarm systems.
  • Support: all day, without breaks and days off.
  • Location : within 8 kilometers from our office :)
Our infrastructure

In the ITL DC we just rent a square, where stands our racks, and the most interesting is inside this racks, in equipment that is placed there.

The heart of our network is the root router Juniper MX80, which has a network connection of 10Gbps bandwidth.

  • Switching

    We use HP managed switches. This allows to easily manage the connection of all servers and to collect statistics on channel loading.

In addition to hardware, we also competently developed the software part of our network infrastructure. All this in a complex allow to fully consider us leaders in providing hardware hosting in Ukraine!

  • Boot from network

    Only here you can setup almost any OS without the DVD-ROM connection! In addition, also available tools to diagnostic and repair.

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