Dedicated servers from XServer is your confidence and independence on the Internet
Instantly available physical servers for rent

Dedicated servers

HP DL120 G7
from $46.75/mo.
with annual payment
Xeon E3-1240 4x3.30GHz
16Gb ECC
2x 500Gb RE
  • 1 IPv4 + 1 IPv6 for free
  • Unlimited traffic at 100Mbps
  • 🇺🇦 Location in Ukraine
  • Full moneyback within 7 days
Order for $55/mo.
HP DL360p Gen8
from $92.65/mo.
with annual payment
2x Xeon E5-2680 v2 10x2.80GHz
2x 480Gb
  • 1 IPv4 + 1 IPv6 for free
  • Unlimited traffic at 100Mbps
  • 🇧🇬 Location in Bulgaria
  • Full moneyback within 7 days
Order for $109/mo.
No limits

All servers are connected to a 100Mbps port, which expands to 1Gbps in a few clicks. The traffic is always unlimited!


Power management and access to the server console (via IPMI or external IP-KVM) in one click in your account.


You do not need to wait until the ordered server is assembled, tested and installed. All servers are available instantly!


Typical configurations allow us to make minimum prices. However, we can change the configuration of any server to suit your needs.

How our infrastructure is built
Our datacenters

We have an advanced software part of our network infrastructure. In combination with first-class hardware equipment, this allows us to fully consider us the leaders in providing hardware hosting in Ukraine!

Network booting

Thanks to the PXE boot menu, you can install almost any OS without connecting external devices! Diagnostic and recovery utilities are also available, as well as BIOS updates and more.

OS autoinstallation

Installation of popular Linux distributions and current versions of Windows is possible by clicking one button in your personal account, as if by magic wand. In addition, a variety of additional software can be installed.

Support system

Thanks to our ticket-based support system, during business hours the response time of the technical support service is 2 minutes. Our support team works around the clock and is always ready to assist you in any difficult situation.


In each location, our infrastructure is built taking into account the main factor — all hardware components must be duplicated.


We use HPE Comware 10Gbps switches, that are clustered into a highly available stack with 2N redundancy. These are powerful switches with all modern network features.

Power supply

All of our servers are connected to different APC Power Distribution Units. Each PDU is connected to a separate power supply to achieve A+B redundancy.

Remote control

Currently all the dedicated servers we offer have an IPMI interface that connects to an isolated network segment without direct access from the Internet. This schema highly improves the security. Customer access is carried out through redundant proxies.

Our datacenters

At the moment we offer our services in Europe and USA, but we are gradually expanding the range of our presence around the world.


🇺🇦 Ukraine, Kharkiv — ITL
One of our first locations, which we launched in 2011.
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🇧🇬 Bulgaria, Sofia — Telepoint
The second location in South Europe, established in 2015 and renovated in 2022.
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🇳🇱 Netherlands, Amsterdam — Serverius
The most popular European location that we offered in 2023.
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United States

Miami, Florida — Digital Realty
Our first US location, established at 2022.
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