New location in the USA

New location in the USA

New location in the USA Here is some good news for our clients!

Cloud servers in the USA

In an extremely unstable time in Ukraine, we decided to offer the most reliable option for placing your projects on the Internet. To do this, we are opening a new location in the US, Florida.

What's new?


This time we used Dell servers, the processors and memory per node remained the same.


With the new HPE MSA 2060 storage and a new way it connects to servers, disk speed has more than doubled!


In addition to the new HPE high-tech switches, we are introducing a new feature that allows you to interconnet servers from different locations into the same VLAN. This opens up new perspectives for the development of your projects!

Reliability and security

Servers in the new location have all the features as in Ukraine. Including a high-availability cluster and free weekly backups. Also, all the services necessary for the functioning of our entire infrastructure are duplicated.

Nice bonus

In honor of the launch, we provide a 30% discount on ordering virtual servers in a new location for the first 100 servers. To do this, use the promo code WELCOME-TO-US. Hurry up, valid until August 15, 2022.

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