New location in the Netherlands

New location in the Netherlands

New location in the Netherlands Starting today a new location is available on our website - Amsterdam

Why the Netherlands?

Do you know that in addition to beautiful landscapes with windmills, canals and bicycles, more than a third of all European data centers are located in the Netherlands?

Super loyal legislation, hundreds of providers that provide access to data links with simply unimaginable bandwidth. Green energy, less than 50 milliseconds delay to almost anywhere in Europe. And this is only a small part of the benefits that startups, techno-giants and everyone, who considers themselves even a little involved in IT-technologies seek here.

As part of our concept “many locations – a single price” and we also couldn’t deprive our customers of the opportunity to order a server in the heart of the internet – the Netherlands. Therefore, a new location is already available on our website.

What's available?

As in all other points of our presence on the world map, our most modern equipment is deployed here, including the latest generation highly available disk storage built on industrial SSD drives. From the first day of the location launch, all our services are available without any restrictions.

Who suits?

This location is suitable for a secure placement of your projects, which are aimed at both European and Ukrainian users, due to the highest quality of the Internet connection, your customers or employees will not even notice that a site or a terminal server is thousands of kilometers away from them.

We will be glad both for your new orders and the opportunity to transfer already existing servers from our other locations. And as always, our technical support is ready to answer any of your questions 24/7.

Sincerely yours, XServer team







...Nice bonus ;-)

In honor of the launch, we provide a 30% discount on ordering virtual servers in a new location for the first 100 servers. To do this, use the promo code WELCOME-TO-NL. Hurry up, valid until May 1, 2023.

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