XServer is 14 years old!

XServer is 14 years old!

XServer is 14 years old! We are happy to share with you a joyful event for us - June 3, 2021, XServer turns 14! Thanks to everyone who trusted us, and we hope that you are 100% satisfied with your choice.

Interesting events await us!

Firstly, this is the third update of the virtualization infrastructure on the most powerful processors at the moment, using ultra-fast and reliable high-end storage, with a performance of several hundred thousand I / O operations per second.

Secondly, the fourth update of the Personal Cabinet. Each major version change implies rewriting all the code from scratch. This will enable us to deploy a flexible, modular architecture that will improve both availability and responsiveness of the entire system. In addition, we have completely reimagined the design and user experience. This will be the most ambitious update of the Personal Cabinet, which will pleasantly surprise you or even shock you :)


Not to be unfounded, here are some "spoilers".

XServer Personal Cabinet v4 - ISO imagesXServer Personal Cabinet v4 - Mobile

XServer Personal Cabinet v4 - Servers


Oh yes, and one more pleasant fact. 50% discount on ordering new virtual servers. The discount applies to the first payment, which can prolonge the server from 1 to 12 months. Use promocode XIVSERVER, valid until June 13, 2021.

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