New site

New site

New site Stability is always good. It is better not to change a system, to make that system work steadily, but there are no improvements without changes. That's why that is so important to find a balance between new technologies and proven decisions.

We introduce you our new site, which is based on previous principles, but absolutely new.

What's new?

Server's tariff plans

We have analyzed requests of potential clients to the sales office and understood, that most ask the same questions. That's why the list of tariffs contains brief points, where answers to most of questions can be found. Moreover, you can see how much you can save, if you pay for the server over an extended time frame. Also all tariffs for virtual and physical servers are shown on the homepage.

Why us?

We removed meaningless slogans about the lowest prices, the best equipment, etc. No one reads them:) Instead of that, we show short videos, which demonstrate convenient interface of server's control panel. We suppose, that is an answer to a question «Why Xserver?», after all we develop personal cabinet and implement lots of functionality, which are useful for our users, so you will not find anything like that anywhere.

Customer reviews

This is our favorite section, we are proud that our customers are satisfied. But most of all when customers are happy, they stay quiet:) Also there is a practice, when hosters write reviews to themselves. But we got an interesting idea, we drop quotes of our clients, who wrote to our support, get a fast qualified help and can't control themselves from positive emotions:)

Mobile Version

Previous generation of the site was developed long ago, when a mobile version was neglected by most developers, and we were among them. But time sorted things out and since past years a mobile traffic has exceeded desktop one. Our new Account and our site supported mobile devices and now it is time for our site!

Geographical cluster

These days our site is based on three nodes, which are placed in different countries. That's why in case of disasters you can connect with us always. In the future, the site will use the closest cluster to you, depending on your location.

What next?

As far as our new site has been launched already we can work on our other goals, which have announced just before the beginning of the new year. Updating of the virtualization cluster and development of a Personal cabinet of the forth version. There are so many interesting things ahead, we are sure that you will be pleasantly surprised with those things, we still keep in secret:)


We hope that you will like our new site as much as we like it. And that's why we have something interesting for you. Up to 1st April you can get a 20% off order any new server using promo code WELCOME.

Thank you for your time! With hope for a long term mutual profitable cooperation, your XServer!

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