Location update in Bulgaria

Location update in Bulgaria

Location update in Bulgaria In fact, this is not an update, but a completely new location, just in the place you are used to.

The situation in Ukraine is forcing business owners and system administrators to look for a new safe home for their projects. Thus, our essentially reserve site in Bulgaria has found a new life. With excellent connectivity to Ukraine it has become an ideal alternate airfield, network delays are so low that customers don't even notice that the project or remote desktop is not in Ukraine. But until now, virtual servers in Bulgaria have suffered from a number of limitations due to an incomplete set of equipment, which, moreover, is already quite outdated.

What's changed?


Cluster nodes

The new cluster nodes consist of Dell R640 servers that we tested in the US. Computing power is now the same across all locations thanks to Intel Xeon Gold processors operating at a frequency of 3 GHz.


We are currently using the HPE MSA 2050 Shared Storage, which has significant performance potential and features discussed below.


Here we also use our favorite HPE switches based on Comware OS, which have almost all the networking capabilities currently available. But the main thing is clustering and network virtualization technologies that provide double redundancy and high performance.



Now in Bulgaria we use the latest version of the VMware vSphere 7 virtualization infrastructure.

Management Tools

To comply with all other locations, we have implemented a new, highly available software and hardware complex developed by us to manage workflows and monitor the "health" of the location.

What's added?

High Availability

Now the Bulgarian cluster has high availability feature, which reduces virtual servers autorecovery period by a hundred times in case of a failure of one or more of the cluster nodes.


A long-awaited feature in this location, available as before for free. Backup is carried out automatically weekly, the last 4 restore points are saved. Paid daily backup is available as well!

HDD Storage

Another previously unavailable option now in Bulgaria! 


The highlight of this feature is that you can interconnect virtual servers from any location into a single isolated local network!

Pleasant bonus

There is a lot of time, effort and money behind all of the above, so we want as many of our customers as possible to take advantage of new opportunities. We provide a 30% discount on new server orders in an updated location, use promocode THE-NEW-BG, valid until October 1, 2022.

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