Virtual local area networks

Virtual local area networks

Virtual local area networks New! Now you have the opportunity to connect your cloud servers into isolated local networks, and thus build high-performance failover clusters.

New features

Using a virtual local area network (VLAN), you can interconnect your servers to each other via a separate channel, which is isolated from the Internet, and therefore from other neighboring servers. By default, all servers are isolated from each other, and to make them reachable on the local network, you must connect the servers to the same network. You can create up to 4 such networks.

How to configure it?

Here is a short video that shows how easy it is to set up a VLAN.

After you have connected the required servers, in the operating system, you need to set the IP addresses on the second network interface of each server. These can be any IP addresses in the following zones:, or

What is it for?

Separate VLANs can be useful for scaling your application.

The simplest scenario is to move the database to a separate, more efficient virtual server. It may not even have internet access, which means increased security. In addition, you can create several servers with your application, which will be accessed through a load balancing service, it will have a positive impact on both fault tolerance and performance.

Recently, deploying failover clusters using Kubernetes has been gaining popularity. Now we provide a convenient tool that allows you to create secure, fault-tolerant and high-performance clusters based on our cloud infrastructure.

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