New platform for virtual servers

New platform for virtual servers

New platform for virtual servers We are glad to share with you some good news – we have launched a new virtualization cluster based on ultra-modern hardware and software! Now all ordered virtual servers are created in the new cluster, and it is also possible to transfer existing virtual servers from the current cluster to a new one.


As before, all hardware components are duplicated, and the main difference of the new cluster is that we now use the latest HPE DL360 Gen10 servers with powerful Intel Xeon Gold 6248R processors with 24 cores at 3.0GHz, as well as DDR4 memory operating at a frequency 2933MHz.

Each node of the new cluster accommodates 3 times more virtual servers, since it has 1024GB of RAM and 96 processor cores, which performance has increased by 40%. We will also be launching a new storage shortly with twice the performance of what is currently in use.


The new servers are built in a cluster using VMware vSphere 7. This is the latest version of virtualization infrastructure software from an industry leader. All features that we have been implemented earlier are supported, including virtual local area networks, which can interconnect servers in both clusters.

Pleasant trifles

The new servers' web console loads faster, adjusts the screen resolution to the size of the window, and also allows you to use the clipboard, for example, to enter text commands or passwords. Over time, several more improvements will be implemented that will make working through the web console more convenient.


We have been providing virtual servers since 2010 and traditionally never raise prices for this service. Server cost either decrease or remain the same while resources increase. This time, nothing has changed globally, but there are good news – the cost of HDD storage has halved.

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