Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! This year for us, as well as for all Ukrainians, was, without exaggeration, the most difficult in recent decades.

Nevertheless, 2022 — it is a year of transformation in every sense of this word. And we accepted this transformation, so we became much stronger.

To protect the business of our customers, we have opened 2 new locations to host virtual servers. The one brand new in the US and the second is updated in Bulgaria. Added a new daily backup service and set up synchronization of weekly backups between locations to implement disaster resiliency. In addition, for Ukrainian business representatives, we fixed the USD/UAH dollar exchange rate at 33% lower value than the official one.

By the end of the year, we updated the infrastructure in all data centers, now each cluster node is running VMware ESXi 8, and vCenter 8 management tools are deployed in Bulgaria. The update took place absolutely without downtime and unnoticed by customers.

This year we celebrated the 15th anniversary of XServer and it was another reason to think about the changes. We have completely decided to abandon budget dedicated, so-called "self-assembled" servers. For 2023, we plan to open another new location, offer dedicated servers in locations outside of Ukraine, and possibly release a new version of your personal cabinet.

These are quite ambitious goals, we hope to achieve them all, but this is impossible without the trust of our customers. Therefore, we want to congratulate you on the upcoming New Year, wish you peace and kindness, justice and stability, well-being and prosperity! We believe that next year will be happy for all of us!

Glory to Ukraine!

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