XServer's 7th anniversary

Our company on 3 June 2014 celebrates 7 years

During our existence we have learned a lot, many bitter pills of experience was eaten, many milestones overcome. But, no matter what, we always first tried to care about our customers, to make advances in all respects and to make their lives in the Internet space just a little easier.

In this happy day we want to keep our customers happy with us, and therefore has prepared few pleasant surprises.

Firstly, we want to introduce our fully updated Personal Cabinet. We worked hard on it whihin a little less than six months. To evaluate our efforts, you can just now by clicking to this link: https://xserver.ua/my/. Here is a brief list of new features that you get with the launch of the Cabinet:

  • the new design, improved speed and ease of use;
  • automatic OS installation, allocation of IP-addresses;
  • managable network port and the power port, instant access to the IP-KVM (all this by clicking one button in the browser);
  • customer balance, automatic payments, bonuses and affiliate program;
  • support system with new interface (formatted text, images drag-n-drop, text search within your tickets);
  • setup own names and notes for your servers.

Secondly, in honor of our 7th anniversary today and within the next 7 days we give to all our customers, new and existing, additional discount - 7% absolutely for all payments through our new Personal Cabinet.

Thanks to all our customers that you are with us!

We accept for payments