XServer 16 years

XServer 16 years

XServer 16 years On June 3rd we celebrate our birthday! Despite our "solid age" we are constantly changing with the times. At the same time, our core principles remain unchanged, such as customer-centric support and transparent pricing.

As promised before, this year we have opened another location for virtual servers in a popular place and are about to offer new dedicated servers there as well. These will be powerful configurations at unprecedented low prices, you will be pleasantly surprised!

In addition, we continue to develop a new personal cabinet, which will become much more convenient and functional, but due to the enormous amount of work, we cannot clearly define the release date. However, we are confident that reality will eventually exceed expectations.

We want to express our deep gratitude to all our customers, and in honor of the holiday, we offer a 16% discount on ordering new servers in all locations! Use promo code XS-XVI.

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