New location in Poland

New location in Poland

New location in Poland Continue to expand our presence in the world. This time it is Poland. We tried so hard to do everything correct:

  • Good network connectivity through Europe came out by itself.
  • Our corporate cluster of high accessibility is also in.
  • A modern data storage system with a commercial SSD of large capacity helps it.
  • Just in case, we have duplicated all our network equipment.
  • And have decided to quit of all 1 Gbit ports.
  • Now all nodes are connected minimum 10 Gbit.
  • Afterwards we have decided to duplicate connection and now we have 20Gbit.
  • Some space was left, so we set-up brand-new Dell dedicated servers, if someone suddenly needs the entire server.
  • We haven’t forgot about a discount. Get 30% off if use code - WELCOME-TO-PL

Just try it, we hope you like it.


Sincerely yours,


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