Upgrading disk storages

Upgrading disk storages

Upgrading disk storages New storage — more speed, reliability and volume!


We have launched yet another new SSD disk storage based on the HPE MSA 2050, which is capable of up to 200,000 input/output operations per second (IOPS). That's double the performance than previous generation storage systems!

In addition, we have improved reliability by using RAID10 instead of RAID5, and by allocating multiple drives to Hot Spare. Ultimately, both performance and reliability doubled.

And the maximum size of an SSD-disk has been increased from 320 to 480 GB.


The storage capacity for "cold data" has been doubled. Moreover, both due to HDD and SSD disks. The latters build up a Performance Tier array, which greatly increases whole storage performance. Thanks to this, we have raised the limit on the maximum HDD capacity to 2000 GB!


In addition to disk storage, an increase in RAM up to 32GB is also available.

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