Our new Juniper MX80

Juniper MX80 - the new "heart" of our network!

This news is probably one of the most significant for the time of our existence.

First of all, we replaced our core router to a powerful Juniper MX80 in the complete set. This will allow us to add more independent Internet channels, as well as more flexibility to configure the routing policy.

Secondly, we already increased the bandwidth capacity up to 10 gigabits, so we now have multiple reserve of traffic.

And finally, paired with the new router, we installed a latest generation hardware firewall Juniper NetScreen-5200, which will allow for most demanding customers, to provide protection from quite a large DDoS attacks.

In addition, there is another good news. Despite the difficult economic situation in the country, we do not raise, but lower prices for our services. Now for all customers, both new and existing, server colocation cost cheaper at $10 and $75 per month.

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