Daily backup

Daily backup

Daily backup In today's world, data security is paramount. Present-day internet brings to users another information security and safety challenges. Data often loses its relevance very quickly and we understand that in some cases the relevance calculated in weeks is comparable to years.

How it works?


Since 2021, we perform weekly backups of all virtual servers. All this time, we have reconfigured this subsystem many times to achieve optimal performance, including:

  • minimum consumption of disk space (after all, we are talking about hundreds of terabytes of information);
  • maximum copying speed (sometimes the previous task did not have time to complete before the scheduled repetition);
  • fast synchronization with remote storage (a single local backup may not always help);
  • fast recovery speed (from a copy on a remote storage, this takes a long time).

Ultimately, as a result of experiments, we developed an ideal formula to make it possible to copy all virtual servers in their entirety (previously only SSDs without HDDs), do it quickly (within a day) and significantly reduce disk space consumption (due to deduplication and incremental copying ).


After a long testing period, we are ready to offer daily backups, because for some tasks in today's volatile world, data from a week ago may no longer be relevant.

We offer automatic daily backup of entire critical servers, including "cold" HDD storage, as well as storage of such copies for the last 7 days. At the same time, the free weekly backup still continues to work.

The cost of this additional service is $5/month, regardless of the amount of data stored.

Backup Policy

As mentioned above, the virtual server life cycle will store 7 restore points for each day of the last week, as well as 4 restore points for each week of the last month.

Cross backup

1 latest weekly copy is replicated to offsite storage. For each location, the remote storage is our other location. This provides partial disaster tolerance, which is especially important in Ukraine at the present time.

How to order?

The service is available for all new and existing virtual servers in Ukraine and the USA, in Bulgaria the service will become available within a month. The order is carried out through the menu of additional services.

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