We a 6th years old!

Exactly six years ago, the XServer company was founded!

Time flies so fast that it seems that the decision to "make the world better," we have taken literally yesterday. From the first day we work for the benefit of the Internet development, and still tried to not only to lose momentum, but also to think several steps ahead. Thanks to these principles we try to justify the trust of our customers, because now we are responsible already for tens of thousands online projects!

We care about all our customers and do not leave anyone unattended. For virtual hosting customers, we almost completely updated server park, which we inherited from "MOY hosting" company. Each newly installed hosting server faster and more productively than all previous together!

Quite recently we have provided for customers who use VPS service a new feature - VNC-console, by which it is much easier to work with virtual servers in emergency situations. Furthermore, we continuously improving VPS management subsystem in the billing system that will speed up your virtual servers.

As we promised earlier, now on all new dedicated servers we install WD Raid Edition 4 and Seagate Constellation ES hard drives. It is passed only 5 months since the beginning of this experiment, but we can already admit that the number of failed hard drives have decreased by several times, and this tendency continues!

Finally, we are pleased to announce the completion of the implementation of long planned project - XServer VIP-club. This innovation facilitates the work of our major customers. Currently VIP-clients available features such as ethernet-ports control for dedicated servers and instant automatic IP-KVM connection to any server by clicking on the button in the billing system. In the near future will give access to automated system for installing the OS on dedicated servers. Also, for VIP-clients was disabled autosuspension for non-payed services, and applied the highest priority technical support.

We proudly can state that there are no more analogues for large customers service in Ukraine.

However, we appreciate each customer and will continue to work at the edge of our possibilities!

We accept for payments