Reglament of work

Office hours and reglament

Mon–Fri 09.00* – 19.00. During this time:

  • reaction on the requests through ticket-system from 5 minutes to 2 hours. Depend on the urgency of the issue (issues regarding hardware operability are of prime importance and will be resolved as soon as possible);
  • resolving of the matter of finance;
  • assistance in basic administration;
  • reistall of operating system;
  • IP-KVM connection;
  • resolving of other customers issues.

On any day from 19.00* to 09.00. During this time:

  • resolving of network issues (DC-level);
  • IP-KVM connect.

* Kiev local time 

Important Information

IP-KVM connect may be refused if the request comes from an account that is not listed for the service to which access is requested by IP-KVM.

Customer may contact technical support by phone for oral answers (russian only), but any actions from our part is made only on receipt of request from contact address or your Personal Cabinet.

For some actions the support agent may request the customer root-password to the server.

The support is not obligated to consult about programming issues, scripts and programs support, and also other similar issues which are not concerned to efficiency of provided services.

We accept for payments