Dedicated servers

What is bandwidth? How much traffic are available?

All the servers are connected at 100Mbps port, traffic is not restricted and is not divided along geographic lines.

Can I connect server to 1Gbit port?

It is possible in the presence of technical possibility, requires additional coordination with Sales department.

How many IP addresses are issued on the server, and much more?

Free 2 IP addresses from different class C subnets. Additinal addresses costs $1 per month. 1 IP. The number of additional IP is not strictly limited, however if you request a large amount, it is necessary to explain the reasons for such necessary.

How long takes the server to be ready while ordered via the Configurator?

Often, assembly, testing and installing a new server takes two days. But with every order we will necessarily inform what time the server will be installed.

What to do if the server encountered a problem with the hardware?

Repair and service of rented servers we produce free and usually within one working day.

Do you provide server administration?

Administration services we do not provide, but the initial setup and assistance in solving any problems we do for free according the reglament.

Servers leasing

How long the server becomes the property of customer?

Servers is redeemable after 12 payments. If you pay monthly, that is 1 year.

How much costs colocation after the redemption?

Servers are placed according to the standard rates of the $75 per month.

Can I redempt the server earlier than 12 months?

Yes, this is possible. To calculate the amount of redemption please contact Finance Department.

If you still have questions, please contact sales dept.

We accept for payments